Tourist No More

Welcome to my site!

Here I am going to give you the inside scoop of living in and exploring the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. Even though I am 50% boricua and have spent a large portion of my life living in the tropics, I have to admit that I have experienced the tourist side of the island. For those of you who have visited here before, you know I’m talking about San Juan. This is where you will find the docking cruise ships, upscale shopping centers, and Señor Frog’s. YES, being a tourist is always a lot of fun! You get to sip piña coladas poolside and go on daily trips with other tourists, who are most likely sporting a fanny pack.

But after a while, doesn’t that grow boring? Wouldn’t you more rather explore the real Puerto Rico and meet the natives? How much can you possibly learn by staying in the resort. Trust me it would be a lot more exciting to jump in the car and drive to the most breathtaking spots the island has to offer.

Check this out:

10001404_10201987478268818_1784916356_n      tumblr_mxfqa4aapH1smsd90o2_500   196936_1656009681072_7262310_n

This is where I come into play! The opportunity to grow up here allowed me to visit places all over the island that most tourists would not go or even know about. I will direct you to the most authenic food, incredible waterfalls, and much more. I guarantee that this guide will allow you to experience a better vacation than whatever you planned on TripAdvisor.

For those of you who are still debating: this is a of pic I took of that waterfall I was talking about.



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