La Guancha

One of the biggest reasons why I love to travel is not just for the excitement of over packing or breathtaking landscapes to post on Insta, but for the food!

pizza slice





You all have to agree there is NO SUCH THING as a diet on a vacation. Trust me, when you’re flying into Puerto Rico, leave all of your healthy habits at the airport. The goal: to eat, a lot! The penalty of dining out is that it can end up being pretty pricey. You want to make sure that you are taking advantage of the taste bud loving cuisine, so the first thought is to make reservations at a fancy, 5 star restaurant. Truth is that you can find even more delicious, authentic, and inexpensive food in little huts by the beach or side of the road!
One of my family’s most favorite places to stuff our faces with real Boricua food is at La Guancha. We recommend it to everyone who tells us about plans to visit the island.
Take a peak:

la guancha

La Guancha is on the southern part of the island where a lot the ships come in. Near the water they have over a dozen little huts that sell homemade Puerto Rican food. Arros y gandules, empanadillas de pizza, tostones. Name it, they will have it on the menu. And if you don’t have it, they will definitely make it for you with extra garlic and spice.
If you don’t know what to order, ask what they recommend to try or just order one of everything (like I said, you’re not on a diet so you might as well go all out). My personal fave: mofongo with shrimp!


The beauty behind all of the little huts selling the same kind of food, there never is a long wait to be served. Even if the places are packed, you can munch and walk up and down the boardwalk by the clear blue water and boats. Best suggestion is before you eat because you’ll probably be in a food coma after.

la guancha view

At La Guancha, you can taste even better food made by the locals than at a restaurant at your resort. For lunch or dinner, this spot holds authentic Puerto Rican cuisine and another tropical place to take pictures with the family before you all have a food baby post meal.


Hope you visit!



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