Everybody’d Be Surfin’

For those of you who are Beach Boys fans understand my caption!
Of course some of the best surfing in the world can be found in Hawaii or Austrailia, but it can also be found in Puerto Rico! On the west side of the island lies the town that is most known for surfing, Rincón.
And in case you forget, there’s a giant sculpture of a surfer to remind you:

rincon statue

Although this place attracts a lot of tourists, locals love to go on day trips to this shore. Not only do the locals enjoy relaxing on their boards here, but surfers from all over the world visit to catch some real Rican waves. During the winter season, which is prime surfing time, Rincón is packed with people. This town has even hosted the World Surfing Championships. And of course during the summer, vacationers tend to watch and even try out surfing for themselves.


TAKE MY ADVICE: try surfing!!!
If you’re anything like me, the thought of getting on a surfboard is frightening. Miles out in open water on a little board? Yeah scary to try out, but what better place to try this out than one of the top surfing towns on the planet?
Remember that a lot of people who live and visit Rincón surf regularly. The beach is a huge part of the PR lifestyle for those who live by the coast. So if you happen to be a newbie, don’t feel bad when you spot the surfer next to you pulling stunts like these:


The great part about this town is that there is a great mix of people. The die-hard surfers and the first timers. When you feel intimidated about those professional surfers next to you, remember that the other half are people like me:


Remember it’s all about trying new things (and documenting them as seen below):


Yes, that small girl with the giant surfboard is me.
If you are totally against surfing, there are other things to do in this town. It is also known for the whale watching trips from January through March. Personally, I haven’t gone on one of these trips, but my family has before. They take you out on a boat into open sea where the whales are commonly seen. Also, if boats get you sick, there are whale watching towers around the town to catch a glimpse.
A little tip: if you decide to see the humpback whales up and close on the boat, wear a poncho! If you decide not to, you will get a bigger splash than any waterpark ride you have ever been on.



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