Isla de Mona

For those of you, who are more on the adventurous side, this post is for you. Laying out on the beach does not cut it for you.  I’m refering to the tourists who go on vacation to release their inner Indiana Jones. Set sailing out into a far off, unfamiliar land and exploring what you have never seen before. Hopefully minus the booby traps.


Between the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico lies an uninhabited and partially underwater island, Isla de Mona. If you look at the map below, the island is ALLLL the way to the left on the west side of PR. The boat ride out to the island is about a couple of hours, but all of the island visitors agree that the travel time was worth it when they got there.


When I say the island is deserted, I mean exactly that. No people live on the island except for police and rangers to help manage visitors and scientists working on research studies. Because the island is protected by Puerto Rico’s Department of Natural and Environmental Resources, only 100 visitors can be on the island at one time. Isla de Mona is one of Puerto Rico’s most precious islands so they are trying to preserve it as much as possible. From what I can see, they are doing a pretty good job, too!



In terms of life, the only living things here are wild animals and miles of vegetation. Trust me, you will never spot a bigger lizard in your entire life. Sharks, boars, dolphins, goats, sea turtles. It’s like your very own outdoor zoo and aquarium! Oh, and also don’t be freaked out if you cross paths with a snake or two.

Sorry, Doctor Jones.


Nothing can be more off the grid than this mysterious and gorgeous island. From caves with ancient transcriptions carved on the walls to scuba diving in some of the world’s deepest trenches, spending a day or even the weekend on Isla de Mona is an adventure all in it’s own.

Already decided that this is on your vacation bucket list? First make sure to know every bit of information for what to expect and prepare. One is to bring your own food and water! Just because the island allows visitors does not mean you will even find a small hut that cooks up food and sells tropical drinks.

Another tip, as adventurous as you may be, STAY WITH YOUR GROUP. The last thing that needs to happen is you getting lost on a deserted island in the middle of the Caribbean.

Walk off the boat and onto the island like this:


Don’t follow the rules and end up like this:



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