Cuevas De Camuy

ATTENTION: I just found that this summer during mid-July, my family and I are flying over to PR to visit my family! My excitement is through the roof as I am writing this blog post.


Immediately the first thing I did after my parents called to tell me the exciting news (and I excitedly tweeted),


I started to make a list of everything I wanted to do while spending precious time on my favorite island. Of course this includes some of my favorite things; one of which is chowing down on a huge pilón bowl of mofongo after a long day at the beach.
Even after spending all these years in Puerto Rico, I still try to explore and visit places I have never traveled to on the island or revisit. One of the places on my To-Do list for PR this summer is revisiting the Rio Camuy Cave Park in the northern part of the island towards the west. So for those of you who are staying in San Juan, it is an easy day trip.
The last time I was here, I was very young and sadly do not remember much, but my parents always talked about how beautiful these caves are. Plus after Googling pictures, I am determined to go this summer:


Believe it or not, but these caves are all natural and not man-made. My mom, who visited the caves multiple times when growing up in Puerto Rico, confessed that the pictures do not even capture how breathtaking everything is in person.
Since this is a park that is highly protected, visitors need to sign up for a tour to explore the caves. This is definitely something I would suggest regardless. The caves are very spread out and have hundreds of routes, so you can easily get lost if familiar with the area.
Tip: If you’re lucky, you can find schools of the fish in the rivers and sleeping bats on the ceilings.


The tours include jumping off cliffs into a sinkhole filled with water, kayaking through the channels, and much more.


To make the day trip easier, the park has places to get food, bathrooms, and even a souvenior shop. Trust me when I say that this is a very popular tourist attraction since it is only an hour away from San Juan (aka tourist central).
I have heard nothing but good things about Cuevas De Camuy from my friends and family and I cannot wait to see the caves for my own eyes. Goal for the trip: take a picture like this one below:



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