Ever want to swim with the sharks?


Don’t worry I’m not talking about those great white sharks on the Discovery Channel’s Shark Week.
Nurse sharks along with other exotic fish in the sea can be found in the crystal clear waters of Culebra.
In other words, these are the perfect conditions for an out-of-this-world scuba diving adventure. This small island is located off the east coast of Puerto Rico and takes about an hour and a half ferry ride over.


Many of the spots on the island are decorated in colorful coral reefs and swarmed with any and every type of aquatic life. Even if you’re not into scuba diving (like my boricua mother), snorkeling is always an option I reccommend. Also for those of you who are beginners, the current on Culebra are very calm! Looking at the ocean from above the service does not compete with what there is to see underneath the water.



Another reason why I suggest Culebra as the top place to scuba dive is because it is considered a non-tourist area to the PR natives. As if the 1 1/2 boat ride over to the island is not a reason enough, the island does not have any large hotels there. The lack of people traffic on Culebra is one of the major reasons why I like to scuba dive. There is nothing to scare away all the fish and it’s like you have your very own personal beach.
There is nothing more relaxing than swimming with a couple of sea turtles on this island:

images (1)


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