Rio Grande

I have left the best post for last. We, Ricans, pride ourselves on the many things the beautiful island has to offer and we want to share Puerto Rico with the rest of the world.
Tropical rainforests


Spicey cuisine


And lastly, a quality that brings people all of the world to the Carribbean waters: the beach.

beach 2

Here’s my artsy photo I posted on Instagram of my boricua beach.
Puerto Rico has over hundreds of beaches to visit. They all have crystal blue, warm waters and soft white sand. Being that all of these beaches are gorgeous, sometimes it is difficult to decide to venture out of the beach at the hotel resort.
My favorite beaches to spend a day in the sand and sun is in Rio Grande.


Only 40 minutes away from my Abuelita’s house is not even a far drive. Despite the fact that there are closer beaches that my familia and I could go to, we always end up driving east to Rio Grande. The water is just as crystal clear as the San Juan shores and the sand is just as soft.
One reason why I like the beaches in Rio Grande in particular is because there are little restaurants to buy homemade food from the locals. This includes some amazing seafood and even flavored coconuts to sip on as you lay on your beach towel.
Now I am going to give you the typical beach day routine with my familia:
9 AM: Grab some breakfast that my Abuelita cooked and bring it in the car. Usually my dad is the one to drive us down.


10 AM: After snatching the perfect parking spot a block away from the beach, we lay out our towels, apply sunscreen (trust me that Puerto Rican sun is nothing to joke about), and run in the cool water or build sand castles on the shore. My brother, Ethan, always requests that we bury him.


2 PM: Exhausted from boogie boarding and swimming in the ocean, my cousins and I grab coconuts and flavored ices from one of the local stands and sit on the beach. Or if you’re anything like my cousin, Abhyam, you try to get your own coconut.
 4 PM: After taking a nap under the sun and cooling ourselves in the water, everyone in the group wants lunch. Because the food is so delicious and it is so hard to decide what to order, we end up ordering a little bit of everything. Mofongo with shrimp, tostones, and the kids’ favorite empanadillas de pizzza. Yes, you heard correctly; it’s an empanada with pizza inside. This one is my brother’s favorite:


 5 PM: After stuffing our faces with food, we all agree it’s time to go home. We hop back in the car with our sandy feet and passout in the car ride after the long day at Rio Grande beach.
As many times as we visit Rio Grande’s beaches, we never get bored and always are excited for our next beach day. If this post talking about my admiration of Rio Grande is not enough, hopefully this picture that I took last time I visited can bring you to this beautiful boricua beach.



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