La Guancha

One of the biggest reasons why I love to travel is not just for the excitement of over packing or breathtaking landscapes to post on Insta, but for the food!

pizza slice





You all have to agree there is NO SUCH THING as a diet on a vacation. Trust me, when you’re flying into Puerto Rico, leave all of your healthy habits at the airport. The goal: to eat, a lot! The penalty of dining out is that it can end up being pretty pricey. You want to make sure that you are taking advantage of the taste bud loving cuisine, so the first thought is to make reservations at a fancy, 5 star restaurant. Truth is that you can find even more delicious, authentic, and inexpensive food in little huts by the beach or side of the road!
One of my family’s most favorite places to stuff our faces with real Boricua food is at La Guancha. We recommend it to everyone who tells us about plans to visit the island.
Take a peak:

la guancha

La Guancha is on the southern part of the island where a lot the ships come in. Near the water they have over a dozen little huts that sell homemade Puerto Rican food. Arros y gandules, empanadillas de pizza, tostones. Name it, they will have it on the menu. And if you don’t have it, they will definitely make it for you with extra garlic and spice.
If you don’t know what to order, ask what they recommend to try or just order one of everything (like I said, you’re not on a diet so you might as well go all out). My personal fave: mofongo with shrimp!


The beauty behind all of the little huts selling the same kind of food, there never is a long wait to be served. Even if the places are packed, you can munch and walk up and down the boardwalk by the clear blue water and boats. Best suggestion is before you eat because you’ll probably be in a food coma after.

la guancha view

At La Guancha, you can taste even better food made by the locals than at a restaurant at your resort. For lunch or dinner, this spot holds authentic Puerto Rican cuisine and another tropical place to take pictures with the family before you all have a food baby post meal.


Hope you visit!



El Yunque

Ever been to the Rainforest Cafe? Back in middle school, all of my friends thought it was the coolest place to eat. Every inch of the restaurant is decorated to look like an actual rain forest. Not only is there gigantic fish tanks, but there are electronic animals that move! Not sure what an elephant is doing in a rain forest, but it still was pretty awesome.
C’mon tell me you don’t want that volcano sundae..
As awesome as the Rainforest Cafe is, it does not do even do the actual rain forests around the world justice. I can make this statement because I have actually been to one before! Most people don’t know that Puerto Rico holds one of the United State’s National Forests. El Yunque definitely is one of the most beautiful places on the island.
El Yunque is located on the east side of PR. From my Abuelita’s house, El Yunque is only an hour so my cousins and I would plan day trips to go there. Believe me that nothing is more relaxing that eating lunch by a waterfall!
The rain forest is a spot I absolutely suggest because what can be more tropical that than?! As you walk  through the trails, you come across beautifully colored birds and others animals casually walking around. The sounds of parrots and coquis are heard throughout the rain forrest. One part that I love the most is the observatory tower that looks over El Yunque and Puerto Rico.
SO just a few tips for visiting this tropical rain forest:
1) Bug spray will save you
The mosquitos in Puerto Rico are killers already, so El Yunque’s mosquitos are notorious. It isn’t until the day after do you realize that your sun kissed legs and arms were a full Thanksgiving dinner. Even as a native, my family always makes jokes that I’m made out of sugar by all of the attention I get from those buggers. So even though you’ll smell like you’ve bathed in bug spray all day, it’ll be well worth it.
2) Give the texting a break
I’m not saying that you can’t snap pictures to post on Instagram later. Just don’t be on your phone the whole time or walk around with it in your hand. My titi (aunt) made that mistake. She always has her phone in her hand and happens to be a speedy texter. With her luck, while we were walking on one of the trails, she slipped and her iPhone 5s fell down a cliff! Yeah it was pretty rough day for her. So keep the phone in your backpack or this well be you:
3) Stay dry with an umbrella
Keep in mind that this is a rain forest. Even though it may be clear blue skies on the drive to El Yunque, that doesn’t mean there’s not a downpour in the rain forest. Have you umbrella handy. If not, you’ll leave as if you just walked off a water park ride.
Hope you enjoy El Yunque!

Tourist No More

Welcome to my site!

Here I am going to give you the inside scoop of living in and exploring the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. Even though I am 50% boricua and have spent a large portion of my life living in the tropics, I have to admit that I have experienced the tourist side of the island. For those of you who have visited here before, you know I’m talking about San Juan. This is where you will find the docking cruise ships, upscale shopping centers, and Señor Frog’s. YES, being a tourist is always a lot of fun! You get to sip piña coladas poolside and go on daily trips with other tourists, who are most likely sporting a fanny pack.

But after a while, doesn’t that grow boring? Wouldn’t you more rather explore the real Puerto Rico and meet the natives? How much can you possibly learn by staying in the resort. Trust me it would be a lot more exciting to jump in the car and drive to the most breathtaking spots the island has to offer.

Check this out:

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This is where I come into play! The opportunity to grow up here allowed me to visit places all over the island that most tourists would not go or even know about. I will direct you to the most authenic food, incredible waterfalls, and much more. I guarantee that this guide will allow you to experience a better vacation than whatever you planned on TripAdvisor.

For those of you who are still debating: this is a of pic I took of that waterfall I was talking about.